NOTICE - Limited Sportsman Owners - 5 November 2020

5 November 2020



It has been noted on many Limited Sportsman chassis, the cockpit driver-side access contravenes the highlighted section of specification rule 6:

Side opening (window) not to exceed 910mm x 510mm. Full vertical bar permitted but must be fitted in a manner to offer protection to the driver, or optional bars as per drawing may be used, but no part of the opening shall exceed 510mm measured vertically.

In the event that this is the case with your car, it will be permitted to run providing a purpose-built proprietary full containment seat is fitted to give extra side protection to the driver.

Yours sincerely
Lynne Jenkins

VSC Technical Committee Meeting Minutes - 15 December 2019

Date: 15 December 2019
Time: The Chairman Phil Jenkins declared the meeting opened at 10.10 a.m.
Place: Bike Club Rooms
Address: Spotswood

ATTENDANCE: Allan Barnes, Colin Campton, Don Golding, Phil Jenkins, Lynne Jenkins, Max Jones, Trevor Kuhne, Rob Tatterson, John Verhoeven, Anne Gooding, Scott Whittle

APOLOGIES: Damien Falkingham , Peter Worthy

OBSERVERS: Robyn Johnson, Lynne Jones, Leigh Gooding

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of previous meeting 8 September 2019 were read.                                                                                         

Moved: Trevor Kuhne
Seconded: Colin Campton  that the previous minutes of 8 September 2019 be accepted.

I:20018. VSC September Minutes – Marcus Reddecliffe asked if random diff checks can be carried out – he was told that they can. There was a query re GV cars licencing and registrations – not VSC concern and they are required to supply their own officials.
I:20019. Email from Garry Severs re Scrutineer queries. – has been dealt with.
I:20020. VSC October Minutes  – Sport Sedan B Pillar in book had 150 mm has been rectified to 200mm.
I:20021. VSC November Minutes
I:20022. Email from Leigh & Anne Gooding re Std Saloons – emailed to Trevor Kuhne & Allan Barnes – to be discussed in Gen Business
I:20023. Email from Allan Barnes re I:20022
I:20024. Email from Daniel Stewart re anti spear plate – to be discussed in Gen Business.
I:20025. Letter from Craig Templeton re engine sealing – to be discussed in Gen Business.

O:017. Combined School info and Tech Minutes
O:018. Letter emailed to Joshua Aston re his Big Tyre enquiry.
O:019. Letter emailed to Tom McDonald re his floor modification enquiry.
O:020. Letter to Stephen Douglas re engine check.
O:021. Letter to Stephen Douglas confirming Class Reps require engine is to be checked.
O:022. Letter to Craig Templeton re engine sealing
O:023. Notice to Head Reps re Tech Meeting.
O:024. Letters between Stephen Douglas, Phil Jenkins and Trevor Kuhne re engine check.
Moved: Allan Barnes
Seconded: Max Jones that all correspondence be accepted.

Phil Jenkins: Information received that Vicky Price had an accident and there is some concern that there may not be compliant head/helmet clearance – Inform Nyora to have scrutineers check clearance with Vicky in the car with helmet on and to check helmet for any possible defects. Phil to contact Andy Young.

Spoke to Jock Baker re two piece wheel in Ltd Sportsman – informed him approved spun alloy proprietory wheel as per specifications.

I:20024 Daniel Stewart Letter re Spear plate: It should state steel in the book and should not change it for one car as it is a change of specification that should be addressed at the next book meeting. At this point of time all cars have a 3mm steel plate welded in. Daniel has been informed.

Leigh Gooding: I:20022

  1. Fuel lines inside cab over or under barwork – fuel lines and electrical to be inside barwork.
  2. Accelerator pedal mounting in BA for Junior driver as the original pedal is not strong enough for extensions – To be in original position – needs to be in engine section of book – BA, FG, VE the pedal to be in original position.
  3. How much of bonnet can be skun out especially for V6 Holden air cleaner – strengthening brace can be removed or bonnet dented to obtain clearance.
  4. The rear firewall spreader, can it be in the cab and or in the boot? Can it be used to mount the fuel tank – can be either and can use as a fuel tank mount.
  5. Book says foot protection bar to be filled. Does it have to be on the outside of the cage? – doesn’t matter where placed whether in or outside – fits better on inside and must be securely attached.
  6. Main hoop. How far behind the B pillar can it be mounted and does it have to be vertical? – To be attached to main hoop and vertical.
  7. Can scattershield be mounted under the floor? Also book says it must be fixed to floor and or firewall? – must be fixed to floor – to clarify braced to rollcage – will look into the wording for this.
  8. Can fibreglass doors be mounted over old doors the same as rear quarters and front guards – original or fibreglass not both.

Don Golding: Shoulder belts – size for brackets to be addressed.
Battery base welded at floor and rollcage – not to be welded to floor or bolted.

Phil Jenkins: Trevor Kuhne found that Steve Douglas had incorrect pistons – Phil Jenkins has checked and it has been rectified. He purchased car with a legally sealed engine. The engine builder was not able to acquire the pistons listed and acquired pistons as close to required as possible and completed the sealing sheet with the ones that he put in but they were not as per the rules and Tech was not contacted.
Craig Templeton send a letter stating that he should have contacted Tech to clarify and he understands that in hindsight he should have contacted Tech and moving forward he will not seal an engine that is not compliant even though he did put the correct details on the form.
Discussion held and it was determined that Craig had not made any false statements as he did include the information on the sealing sheet and as a result a letter to be sent informing him that any previous engines sealed are now deemed not to be and require rechecking and sealing. Any further issues sourcing parts he is to contact Tech for approval and if there are any further incorrect engines he will have his ability to seal VSC engines removed.
Letters to be sent to owners of previous sealed engines to have them checked and resealed.
Send notice to all engine sealers to remind them if there is any problem sourcing parts to contact Tech.

Don Golding:

  1. Clarification memo re Ltd Sportsman roof numbers – not in book – 300mm x 300 mm square black with white numbers – to go in book.
  2. Jock Baker spoke to Peter Worthy re having a spaceframe with a bigger opening on right side – like a chicken wing – he is asking for a bigger opening – Don to have Jock send a letter and photo’s.

Rob Tatterson: Seeking name and address of where to send Divi 2 computers – they sent to Qld and they have been sealed as street stocks –Phil Jenkins to get address to Rob.
Asked if there any diff check tools as he was looking for one to use in his area – Allan Barnes to get one to Rob.

Colin Campton: Saw a VSC Sport Sedan with a rear spreader bar approx 200 mm higher than it should be – driver has been told to put another bar underneath. It needs to be logged and fixed.

Allan Barnes: Marshall’s from Bendigo – spreader bar bends are in the wrong place and not braced properly – log and fix.

Max Jones:

  1. Doing a daylight you may not see car again and the faults do not get fixed. – P.T.O. on daylight sheet and faults to be put on first page of logbook by Licencing Secretary prior to sending logbook out.
  2. New roll cage specs coming into SSA do we have it as an option for VSC Sports Sedans. – to be addressed later in the season.
  3. Divi 2 are they mono or chassis – Rob Tatterson stated they are both – Max feels it is confusing for scrutineers – is it possible to put mono or chassis in logbooks?
  4. What happens in regard to penalties re safety gear that is non-compliant. – take it and if they require it back an infringement applies.

Phil Jenkins: Will be asking the VSC when printing logbooks to have the pages numbered and scutineer name and number added to each page.

Noticed a mini hoist – it was on uneven ground and rocking – need to use ramps with hoist – need to discuss further.

Anne Gooding: While scrutineering at Bainsdale noticed that there was not a name on the drivers side. – Name required on roof above driver door or sunvisor 50mm lettering – can have drivers name above door and nickname on visor.

Lynne Jenkins: Notice to be sent to all scrutineers re new scrutineer shirts.

There being no further business the – MEETING CLOSED: at 12.55 p.m.

Combined Scrutineer School - 8 September 2019

WINDOW NETS: as per January 2019 Tech Minutes compliant window nets will be compulsory as of the 2020/2021 season. If anyone is looking at purchasing new window nets advise they purchase them with one of the following compliance numbers: SFI 27.1 or FIA 8863-2013.

SEAT BELTS: The VSC does not have an age limit on seatbelts but the belts must be of good condition. If the belts have a manufacturers end of life date then that date is to be enforced. Belts are to be checked and if they are faded, frayed, have holes or look to be of not good condition at the scrutineers discretion the belts are to be replaced.

EURO HELMETS: information attached – for sedan classes and non V8 open wheeler classes. When checking compliance markings for these helmets they must have a compliance label on the helmet and on the chin strap.    Both tags required for compliance.

WHEEL SPACERS AND ADAPTORS: where wheel spacers or adaptors are used studs to be 12mm minimum.

HELMET NET & CONTAINMENT SEAT: Helmet net is optional in VSC open wheel classes if seat is helmet containment style to suit correct rotation of vehicle.

LTD SPORTSMAN SPECIFICATIONS: attached specifications as submitted and approved.

MINI SPRINTS SPECIFICATIONS: attached specifications as submitted and approved.

SUPER RODS SPECIFICATIONS: attached specifications as submitted and approved.

FUEL PROTECTION BARWORK: Attached fuel protection barwork drawings.

It was determined by the Scrutineers in attendance that all Scrutineers must attend the Combined School at least once in a 2-year cycle and a Club one in the alternate year if they are unable to make the Ballarat School. If there is non attendance downgrade time will be doubled.

Lynne Jenkins

VSC Technical Updates From Tech Meeting - 10 March 2019


  1. The VSC discussed Family daylighting cars have decided to leave it as it is – no Family to daylight cars.
  2. There seems to be a common fault – head brace missing at top of seat – scrutineers to be aware of this when checking cars.
  3. Divi 2 current computer sealer will not seal Fords. Phil Jenkins has sourced a sealer in QLD and Colin Sands of the VSC Sprintcars has agreed to supply seals.
  4. IRS diff in standard Saloon VS Holden Commodore is accepted.
  5. Head and neck restraints must be checked for current compliance. The minimum current date is 2010.
  6. Allan Barnes to go over the Unlimited book again and forward to Lynne Jenkins to forward to add to VSC website.
  7. Scrutineers to scrutineer different classes as a way to broaden their knowledge of classes.

    Scrutineers are required in the Western District. John Potter is finishing up this year and with John not being available that will leave a big hole to fill in the area. If you know of anyone that would be interested contact Tech and we can get a form out to them.

  8. A breakdown of Title Reports to be done and send to Scrutineers regarding faults found while scrutineering at Titles. Scrutineers are to ensure they daylight and check safety gear for current compliance. Drivers attending Titles believe their car and safety gear is correct only to find that they may not be. The drivers are left feeling they have been let down when car or safety gear is not compliant.
VSC Technical Updates From Tech Meeting - 20 January 2019


VSC November 2018 Minutes – Tech Section re Sports Sedans and Divi 2 losing wheels at race meeting – SAFETY ISSUE 50mm spacer maximum above 50mm spacer require an adaptor – cannot use both. Where spacers are used 12mm minimum studs to be used. book/s to be amended by Allan Barnes once ratified by VSC.

Car numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 70, 80 & 90 are permitted, this does not include 0 by itself or in front of another number, 0 in front of a number requires VSC approval.

Copies of incomplete daylight sheets from licencing – All Scrutineers are to ensure daylight sheets are completed correctly. Type and Model of car is to be put on sheet as well as Section 1 a) Type/Make and carby info. These are items that are written in the logbook and are required. If they are not complete the sheet will be sent back which in turn delays the registration of cars.

Re bonnet/boot pins – all bonnet and boot pins to be quick release without the use of tools.

VS Commodore, independent suspension is this permitted. Aware the Acclaim may not be a base model, need to check further and how many cars would be affected. Investigate further to make a decision for next season.

Will owner/drivers be notified re the change to specification quorums. When notices go out to registered owner drivers for book meetings it will include for the book meeting to be valid a min of 30% of registered owners if under 30 cars and if over 30 cars the min number of attendees is to be 15. If these numbers are not met the book will remain as is with the exception of safety issues.

  1. Ltd Sportsman re direct mount hubs – the class is to comply with current wheel and stud specifications as per current specification book.
  2. Ltd Sportsman Manifolds – some drivers are putting a vane inside of manifold which is not a problem but they have been drilling externally then welding. Reminder to drivers that they are not to modify the external facing of the manifold and drilling is a modification. The ones that have been done will be permitted to run until the specification book meeting. Adding the vane is not illegal but how it is being implemented is. Letter sent to owners.
  3. Parcel shelf cut out of standard saloon – the parcel shelf is to be put back in.

A discussion was held about window nets and it is recommended for next season that SFI Window Nets are to be used.

Sedan classes – some drivers are using round headed cap screws instead of coach bolts in the rubrails. – Round headed cap screws are high tensile and may be 10mm and used as an option – Allan Barnes to add to books.


Tech Minutes 17 June 2018

Fuel Tank straps in all sedan classes to be steel straps 25mm x 3mm minimum up to 32 litres and 25mm x 6mm minimum for 33 litres to 60 litres fuel tanks as per specs – no chains. Allan Barnes – to alter all books and to go onto VSC website.

VSC Technical Committee Updates - 11 November 2018

Date: Tech Meeting 11 November 2018
Ratified by VSC at VSC Meeting held 30 November 2018

Fuel Straps: Allan Barnes to alter the fuel strap wording to books.

Wheel Studs: Any sedan based class that permits the use of wheel spacers within their specifications – wheel studs must have a minimum of 10mm of thread past the outer face of wheel nut. Wheel nuts to be fully engaged. Standard wheel with standard wheel nut without spacer does not require the above 10mm protrusion.

Seat Belts Life Span: Seat belts to be in good condition and to be at the discretion of the Scrutineer. Owners need to be more vigilant with the care of their safety belts.

VSC Sprintcars: VSC Sprintcars re superseded part number. Phil Jenkins has checked with manufacturer and the part number for MSD box has been superseded to the following numbers 6014 or 6014ct. Allan Barnes to alter book.

Safety Gear Sheet: Updated Safety Gear sheet is available in the download section of the VSC Website.

Super Rods: Issue regarding aftermarket heads on Super Rods. Disscusion held and it was MOVED: by Allan Barnes that the Super Rod Class may continue to use the alloy head that was bought as a standard valve angle head and used in the previous racing season (2017/2018) until the next specification book meeting.

Bonnet Pins: All bonnet and boot pins to be quick release and be able to be removed without the use of tools. – not in Sprintcar book – Allan Barnes to add to book and return to Lynne and Lynne to forward to Scott Berry to add to book site and add to Tech Info page.

Combined Scrutineer School - 9 September 2018

ATTENDANCE: Phil Jenkins, Allan Barnes, Rodney Anderson, John Barwise, Mark Bedggood, Ross Burrows, Colin Campton, David Chivers, Brenndon Croucher, Darryl Davis, John Dike, Steve Ellis, Damien Falkingham, Norm Fisher, Mick Fitzgerald, Frank Frost, Don Golding, George Gray, Debbie Hickson, Damien Isaacson, Max Jones, Lynne Jones, James Juri, Darren Leersen, Andrew Lowe, Joseph Matthews, Aaron Meakins, Rod Meakins, Campbell Molloy, Daniel Moore, Danny O’Brien, Kerry O’Brien, David Patton, John Potter, Garry Severs, Robert Tatterson, John Verhoeven, Andrew Wallace, Shaun Wharton, Mark Wilde

APOLOGIES: Peter Ahearn, Shane Coates, Anne Gooding, Leigh Gooding, Michael Hume, Robyn Johnson, Trevor Kuhne, Jo-Anne Scott, Darryl Whitlow

The following items were discussed by Allan Barnes and Phil Jenkins:

  1. GOSA car – boot lid cut out with mesh in its place.
    There are to be no holes in boot lid with the exception of mounting pins. Mesh may be used in rear vertical in back of boot lid maximum 250mm x 100mm. All Sedan Classes. 
  2. Wheel nuts across the board, some are too long, and some are too short. Wheel studs must be a minimum of 10mm past outer face of wheel nut. Wheel nut should be fully engaged with the wheel stud. Discussion held and it was decided to take it back to Tech for further clarification
  3. FUEL CAPS: Following a rollover it was found there was a fuel leakage from the fuel cap of the black plastic fuel cell with the large three-pronged cap (photo below). The seal was checked and it had shrunk. After speaking to the manufacturer their response was to buy new seals. When checking the cap, if it has some free play when checking, it is recommended that the seal will need to be replaced. Seals can be made with thicker rubber which seems to work well in the caps. It is recommended that scrutineers keep an eye on these types of caps when scrutineering.

  4. A discussion was held regarding some scrutineers having not attended a school for a considerable amount of time.
    The Technical Committee recommends that 1 school is compulsory per year and if a scrutineer has not attended a school in two years then the scrutineer will lose their ticket. Bairnsdale are looking at having a school for any interested scrutineers to attend. 
  5. If a Scrutineer school is organised through a Club the agenda and a signed list of scrutineers in attendance is to be sent to Lynne Jenkins for the school to be recognised for the scrutineer.
  6. Helmets – Euro rating – apparently has overtaken the AS1698 standard and should be investigated. Phil Jenkins – virtually the same standard as the AS 1698 but is only motorcycle approved. Speedway Australia has approved for the use for sedan classes only. Allan Barnes – SNELL is tested to a much higher standard – Euro helmets approved to ECE 22.05 standard no older than 5 years from when manufactured and appropriately labelled on helmet and chin strap – approved when appropriate labels attached. Open-wheel class helmets to be as follows – SNELL SA-2010, SNELL-2015, FIA 8858-2010, FIA 8859-2015, FIA 8860-2010 approved – any other helmet to be approved by Tech prior to use.
  7. Email from SFI Foundation re Arm Restraint recall. Scrutineers to be made aware of Notice of recall of clasp type arm restraints manufactured and certified to SFI specification 3.3 sold under RJS brand.
  8. There needs to be an across the board concerted effort regarding compliant safety gear. Safety gear note to be on Title nominations re non-compliant safety gear. There are a couple of errors on the current safety gear sheet, will have it amended and will send out the correct one.

Mick Fitzgerald – some seat belts are very old – should there be an age requirement – Tech to discuss at next Tech Meeting.

  1. Rear Spreader Bar clarification: any rear spreader bar bent to clear tunnel must have vertical brace bar min 25mm x 3mm – all sedan classes – Allan Barnes to alter all books and drawings to be altered and to be put on VSC website.
  2. Fuel Tank straps in all sedan classes to be steel straps 25mm x 3mm minimum up to 32 litres and 25mm x 6mm minimum for 33 litres to 60 litres fuel tanks as per specs – no chains – to be implemented for next season.
  3. Checking logbooks – Scrutineers to keep an eye on books and do random checks and reinforce what previous scrutineers have written and endorsed and has been signed off by the driver.
  4. Allan Barnes gave a walkthrough of the new VSC 4 Cyl Junior Class draft specification book. The book to go to Tech for inclusions prior to going to the VSC to be ratified.

Yours sincerely
Lynne Jenkins

VSC Technical Committee Meeting Minutes - 11 March 2018

Date: 11 March 2018
Time: The Chairman Phil Jenkins declared the meeting opened at 10.00 am
Place: Wahgunyah Speedway
Address: Grimmond Way, Wahgunyah

ATTENDANCE:  Trevor Kuhne, Phil Jenkins, Max Jones, Allan Barnes, David Walton, Lynne Jenkins.

APOLOGIES: John Verhoven, Damien Falkingham, Don Golding, Frank Frost, Colin Campton.

OBSERVERS: Lynne Jones, Gordon Russell

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of previous meeting 3 December 2017 were read by attendees.

Allan Barnes: Allan to send Divi 2 and GOSA books through to go on site and be printed.
Moved: Allan Barnes
Seconded: Max Jones that the previous minutes of 3 December 2017 be accepted.

I:027. VSC December minutes.
I:028. Letter from Max Jones re scrutineer upgrade for Trevour Goldsworthy. Okay to upgrade.
I:029. Email from Joshua Aston re Ltd Sportsman tyres. Letter of response O:036 sent.
I:030. Email from Stuart Barkway seeking Divi 2 computer clarification. Letter sent re clarification that due to reshell of car that the computer seal was still compliant.
I:031. Poll sheets re Divi 2 Memcal preference. 10 for 8 against – not a clear enough majority to instigate a change rule remains as is and will not be looked at again until next book meeting.
I:032. Email from Gordon Russell re clarification for extended foot pedals Std Saloon. Discussion was held with Gordon Russell. Even though the extension is well done and the committee is sympathetic to Gordon’s request but the extension falls outside of the specifications and therefore is not permitted. It was suggested that Gordon work towards this change for the next book meeting.
I:033. VSC February minutes
I:034. Email from Peter Styles re specifications Mini Sprints for discussion re new book for national cars to be eligible to compete. – gave a copy to Andrew Lowe to look over and discuss with the Mini Sprints.
I:035. Email from Nick Chrystie re Dynamic Steel wheels. Letter O:041 sent to Nick Chrystie re the legality of Dynamic Steel Wheels. After checking with the manufacturer, the wheels described in the conditions as supplied by the manufacturer meet VSC specifications.

O:031. Letter to Divi 2 owners re Memcal change to be voted on at Title
O:032 Letter to Nick Chrystie re 302 Windsor with Tickford based part.
O:033. Notice to Ltd Sportsman re displaying clearly visible numbers.
O:034. Notice to Scrutineers re specification books being printed.
O:035. Letter to Class Reps re continuance in position.
O:036. Letter of response to Joshua Aston re his concerns regarding a possible breach of section 24 of rulebook – radial tyres.
O:037. Letter of response to Stuart Barkway regarding computer seal in Divi 2.
O:038. Expression of interest to Divi 2 owners at Title to vote on Memcal change.
O:039 Notice re Tech Meeting.
O:040. Tech Minutes 3 Dec 17.
O:041. Letter to Nick Chrystie re Dynamic Steel wheels.
Moved: Trevor Kuhne
Seconded: David Walton that all correspondence be accepted.

Max Jones: GOSA car – boot lid cut out with mesh in its place. Tech Committee – There are to be no holes in boot lid with the exception of mounting pins. Mesh may be used in rear vertical in back of boot lid maximum 250m x 100m. All Sedan Classes

Doug Parker to be a Rep for the VSC Unlimited Sedan class.

David Walton: Queried the construction of spreader bars and the description in specification books. To be left as it is for now.

Wheel nuts across the board, some are too long and some are too short. Wheel studs must be a minimum of 10mm past outer face of wheel nut. Wheel nut should be fully engaged with the wheel stud.


Phil Jenkins: VSC Formula book does not have the complete book on the VSC website it has the general VSC specifications but not the VSC Formula specifications. The Divi 2 book isn’t on the site either. The GOSA book was done later in the year and will go on the site for next season as it was too late to implement any changes for this current year. Allan Barnes will send the complete VSC Formula book to be put on the site. The Divi 2 book is complete with the exception of spacers – will finish and send that to be put on the site.

FUEL CAPS: Following a rollover it was found that there was a fuel leakage from the fuel cap of the black plastic fuel cell with the large three pronged cap (photo below). The seal was checked and it had shrunk. After speaking to the manufacturer their response was to buy new seals. When checking the cap, if it has some free play when checking it is recommended that the seal will need to be replaced. Seals can be made with thicker rubber which seems to work well in the caps. It is recommended that scrutineers keep an eye on these type of caps when scrutineering.

A discussion was held regarding some scrutineers having not attended a school for a considerable amount of time.
The Technical Committee recommends that 1 school is compulsory per year and if a scrutineer has not attended a school in two years then the scrutineer will lose their ticket.

If a Scrutineer school is organised through a Club the agenda and a signed list of scrutineers in attendance is to be sent to Lynne Jenkins for the school to be recognised for the scrutineer.

Max Jones to organise Scrutineering School – to inform Lynne Jenkins of details and Lynne to send out a notice.

Phil Jenkins would like to thank all Tech Committee and Scrutineers that travelled near and far to give their weekend to enable the Standard Saloon Title for their part in making it a successful weekend.

Meeting closed: 11.35 am

Next meeting to be advised and will be SGM/AGM

VSC Technical Committee Meeting Minutes - 3 December 2017


Date: 3 December 2017
Time: The Chairman Phil Jenkins declared the meeting opened at 10.45 am
Place: Bike Clubrooms
Address: Cnr The Avenue & Cullen Street, Spotswood

ATTENDANCE: Allan Barnes, Colin Campton, Don Golding, Phil Jenkins, Trevor Kuhne, Gary Uprichard, Robert Laidlaw, Aaron Meakins

APOLOGIES: Andrew Lowe, Norm Fisher, Frank Frost, Lynne Jones, Max Jones

OBSERVERS: Ann Golding

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of previous meeting 20 August 2017 were read by attendees.

John Verhoeven – V8 Thunder Sedans – has there been any news on the specifications.
Aaron Meakins – explained that there had been a meeting and the minutes have been lost and the VSC have sent a letter to Tech explaining that and due to there being VSC officials in attendance to accept the specifications until the next book meeting.
Moved: Allan Barnes
Seconded: John Verhoeven that the previous minutes of 20 August 2017 be accepted.

I:014. Email from VSC re Mini Sprint differences for interstate competitors to race with them.
I:015. Unlimited Sedan specifications.
I:016. Letter from VSC re licencing issues & VSC Minutes 13 Oct 17.
I:017. Email from Travis Evans re bar work in a VZ Commodore & photo’s – the barwork has been approved by Tech and VSC.
I:018. SDAV Daylighting day scrutineer list.
I:019. Letter from VSC re V8 Thunder Sedans – the specifications are accepted and will run until their next book meeting.
I:020. VSC Minutes 3 November 2017.
I:021. Email from Dillon Siely re titanium in motor. – no titanium crankshafts or conrods permitted.
I:022. Email from Hayden Clifford re permitted carburettors for 6 cyl cars. – permitted to use up to 500cfm Holley in 6 cyl car.
I:023. Email from Nick Chrystie re 302 Windsor V8’s.
I:024. Draft specifications for VSC Four Cylinder Junior Sedans 2017-2020 – Allan Barnes is working on this and will seek some direction to complete.
I:025. Email from Robert Laidlaw re Divi 2 Memcal change in V6 & 4 Litre RPM limits, air fuel mixture ratio to allow tuning for CAMS. – discussion held moved by John Verhoeven that registered owners at the Title have a meeting and discuss the matter of upgraded memcals be discussed and Tech Committee to discuss the outcome. Seconded Allan Barnes – Carried
I:026. Email from Allan Barnes re missing information from the Sport Sedan book on the VSC website. Allan to send the differences and the website to be updated once received.

O:012. Letter to VSC re quorum numbers for specification meetings and recommendations re Unlimited meeting. – to remain as is.
O:013. Letter to VSC re considerations re Unlimited Sedan specification changes. – to stand as is – new book on VSC website.
O:014. Letter to VSC re V8 Thunder Sedan book specifications. – minutes lost – VSC were in attendance – specifications to stand until next specification meeting.
O:015. Letter to Scott Whittle re V8 engines in BA & FG Fords.
O:016. Letter and engine seals to Roy Wright – Engine Sealer.
O:017. Letter to Scrutineers re lanyards, hats.
O:018. Letter to scrutineers re the use of old daylight books.
O:019. Emails between Colin Sands and Tech re changes from Specification meeting have not been included online. Has been done.
O:020. Helmet Inspection Form sent to scrutineers – form has been altered – new one to be sent to approved helmet inspectors.
O:021. Notice sent to scrutineers re helmet checks prior to painting or wrapping with a list of who can inspect.
O:022. Notice to all scrutineers re accepting Technical / VSC decisions.
O:023. Letter to engine sealers re sending a copy of sealing form to Tech.
O:024. Letter to Tech Reps re upcoming titles and prospective Tech Reps.
O:025. Letter to Nick Chrystie re I:023
O:026. Email response to Dillon Siely – re I:021
O:027. Email response to Hayden Clifford re – I:022
O:028. Email to Nick Chrystie, Trevor Kuhne & VSC with O:026
O:029. Email to Nick Chrystie re discuss I:023 further at Tech meeting. – part of the Tickford package so it is outside of specifications. If written proof from Ford is received to clarify the use of these parts in the particular engine then as being standard then it can be addressed by Tech.
O:030. Tech Minutes 20 August 2017 to Tech Reps.
that all correspondence be accepted.

Phil Jenkins: Asked Allan Barnes how the specification books are going.
Allan Barnes: Divi 2’s just waiting to clarify about wheel spacers and/or adaptors (not both). Safety section to be updated.
Still working on Junior 1200’s, seeking some extra direction with the specifications.
Aaron Meakins: The book needs to be written with the intention of cars that will be coming – as the current cars are becoming extinct.
Allan Barnes: Need to look at a name for the class – possibly VSC 4 cyl sedans?
Aaron Meakins: It is a class in progress but a space is needed for this group of cars.
Allan Barnes: The use of 2″seatbelts are compliant with SFI for 4cyl Juniors only but will need to be ratified by the VSC.
Barwork to be 34mm minimum – 42mm maximum. overall the book is almost done.

Trevor Kuhne: Standard Saloon – re wheeltrack – some drivers are pushing past the 50mm. As per specification book – Track to be standard plus 50mm for vehicle being used. This is the maximum allowable measurement. Measured from centre of tyre to centre of tyre at axle height. If it is over 50mm then it is outside of the specifications. To be included in notice sent out with Title nominations.

Trevor Kuhne: asked Aaron Meakins if there will be new seals in place of the brass ones.
Aaron Meakins: He is attempting to source red and/or black seals for officially sealed engines and keep the blue seals as the compliance seals.

Don Golding: Seeking clarification regarding the exhaust on a Ltd Sportsman. May be too far forward and may have exhaust fume issues for driver. Photo shown, matter discussed and the exhaust is compliant and to specifications.
Anomaly in Ltd Sportsman book, Rules and Reg book regarding Ltd Sportsman use of rear numbers. They are not putting numbers on rear corner of car. Letter to be sent to Ltd Sportsman owners that clearly visible numbers are to be on the rear left side of car. The numbers are required as per Numbers section of specification book.
Tyres stamp for Ltd Sportsman is in use. It shows that the tyres have been checked and approved for racing.

Aaron Meakins: The VSC perspective of the new look Technical Committee looks positive but how do the Tech Committee feel about it.
Phil Jenkins: Finds that it is working well but moving forward how do we go about picking the committee.
Aaron Meakins: It is usually found that the interested parties stay and if you have a good Head Rep then the rest should flow on.
Lynne Jenkins: To send a letter to the Reps of each Class in January to gauge their intentions. If there is to be a change possibly the Head Rep can recommend replacements.

There being no further business the Chairman wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Meeting closed: 1.00 pm

Changes to 2017-2022 VSC Standard Saloon Specification Book




A MESH SCREEN will be securely fitted to roll cage and/or metal body covering the complete windscreen opening in front of driver and passenger, using either weld, bolts or metal hose clamps, covering the entire windscreen opening. Maximum mesh size 50mm x 50mm minimum gauge 3mm. 25mm x 25mm mesh may use minimum 2.5mm gauge wire.
Original metal bodies must be used. Redundant interior brackets IE: console and seat brackets maybe removed. *Added*
Securely attached Fibreglass rear quarter panel and front mudguard covers may be used over existing original rear quarter panels and front mudguards. *Reworded*
Steering to remain original type; i.e. Rack and Pinion to remain Rack and Pinion.
Steering a minimum three turns lock to lock. If car has less than three turns lock to lock when fitted with standard or optional OEM steering systems, then proof must be supplied at daylight inspection and logbook will be suitably endorsed.
NO modifications permitted to steering arms.
NO reduction boxes permitted.
After-market steering wheels permitted, minimum 330mm diameter.
Steering must be mounted in original position and securely attached to roll cage (i.e. U Bolt) top steering shaft mount maybe moved maximum 30mm at dash bar to bring steering wheel in line with driver’s seat. Non original steering shaft permitted
Steering wheel hub must be suitably padded.
OEM power steering permitted. Maximum power steering cooler size 250mmx175mm must be mounted in engine bay. *Added*
Engine will be inspected on the basis that all parts used in/on all engines must comply with the specifications/dimensions specified in original manual produced by the manufacturer for the standard engine; with the exceptions of listed permitted modifications.
Owner/driver is responsible to prove the above and produce information when necessary to validate.
4, 6 and 8 Cylinder reciprocating only permitted. Owners of V8 four (4) barrel engined cars not listed must provide documentation to satisfy Scrutineer/Technical Committee that said combination of carburettor to engine to car is permitted. This document must be produced at daylight inspection and forwarded to State Secretary for logbook endorsement.
Sports model, Rotary, Fuel Injected, Turbo-Charged or Super Charged engines or any other performance modifications are not permitted.
Cars may run any size engine as long as the design of the engine conforms to the model of the car (i.e. 202 motor in an HK Holden; 4lt SOHC motor in an EA Falcon etc. *Changed* Multiple carburettors are not permitted.
Engine capacity size is to be OEM – Base Australian Model.
All engines to have provision for sealing of engine at race meeting (see section 23. Engine inspections).
4 and 6 cylinder vehicles may run a standard original 2 barrel carburettor or may use OEM manifold and one standard 2 barrel carburettor up to and including 500CFM (i.e. Holley).
Choke butterfly/s, linkage and shafts are the onlyparts that may be removed. *Added*
A maximum 25mm adaptor plate may be used when necessary.
VN,VP,VR,VT, VX,VY, VZ, VE V6 Ecotec may use approved standard Ecoflow adaptor only and standard Holley 2bbl to 500cfm. *Added*
Carburettors to be fitted with two throttle springs, one to carburettor butterfly and one to the linkage.
Choke butterfly/s and shaft may be removed. *Deleted*
V8 Engines permitted to have a standard OEM manifold fitted with a standard 4 barrel OEM carburettor if fitted on that series. Choke butterfly/s, linkage and shaft only may be removed.
V8 engines may use a standard model number 4150 or 4160 Classic or Avenger series vacuum secondary Holley 4 barrel carburettor up to a maximum 750cfm.
Original choke horn, list and model numbers to be in standard unaltered condition.
Choke butterfly/s, linkage and shafts are the only parts that may be removed.
Standard interchangeable internal parts permitted IE: Jets, power valve, floats, needles and seats.
All housings, bowls, blocks, plates, venturi’s, shafts ect to be in standard original condition.
(no grinding, drilling, filing, sanding, welding ect.)
A maximum 25mm adaptor plate may be used when necessary. *Added*
Carburettors to be fitted with two throttle springs, one to carburettor butterfly and one to the linkage.
All vehicles must use some form of air filter. Standard fitment base model air cleaner ducting only is permitted before air cleaner element. No air cleaners or air intakes in cabin.
Headers are permitted only if factory fitted on standard base model
4 and 6 cylinder only can run extractors.
Cable, chain or solid mounts must be used to hold engine in position.
Engine to be of standard stroke, camshafts unrestricted.
Cam followers to remain as standard type; i.e. Hydraulic, Solid etc.
Replacement cam drives unrestricted. Crankshaft to remain as standard, stroking or fitting of other makes or specially built crankshafts not permitted.
Conrods and pistons to remain as standard.
Standard model valves and port sizes only permitted.
Sumps may be baffled but must remain externally visually standard.
External oil drain tubes permitted from rocker cover to sump and must be installed in a safe manner.
After market chrome or alloy rocker covers permitted.
Distributor – OEM system, electronic distributor permitted.
Standard engine may be over-bored a maximum of .060″.
A standard cylinder head may be faced a maximum of .060″.
Valve train gear etc. to remain standard, interchangeable standard components permitted; i.e. cylinder heads, carburettors, manifolds, but must remain same make and series; Late model engine permitted with early head and manifold configuration. Eg; VT black engine can run up to VL heads manifolds etc.
Engines permitted in approved late model cars.
XF –
200ci or 250ci Log head or cast iron crossflow *Added*
302, Cleveland with 2 barrel carburettor/ 4 barrel carburettor.
351 .Cleveland with 2 barrel carburettor/ 4 barrel carburettor
EA, EB, ED, EF, EL, AU –
351 Windsor with 4 barrel carburettor
302 Windsor with 2 and 4 barrel carburettor
250 Alloy crossflow
BA, BF –
4 litre SOHC engine with single point manifold and up to a 500cfm Holley carburettor.
250 Alloy crossflow *Added*
FG –
FG Falcon may only use 4 litreSOHC engine and single point manifold and up to a 500 cfm Holley carburettor. Sump maybe fabricated but must be same capacity and function as OEM sump for the engine. Rear face of engine block to be in the same position as original FG engine.

VL –
Nissan RB30 engine using Nissan Patrol manifold and up to a 500 Holley carburettor.
V8 308 / 5 litre including black motor can run VL heads, manifold, and 4 barrel carburettor. Or may use inline 6 cylinder engine. If so VK K frame must be used up to VS and VT series 1 K frame to VZ. *Added*
VE –
VE Commodore may only use V6 Ecotec with approved standard Ecoflow adaptor only and up to a 500cfm Holley carburettor. Sump maybe fabricated but must be same capacity and function as OEM sump for the engine. Rear face of engine block to be in the same position as original VE engine.

Must exit out behind the driver or passenger *Deleted* rear rollcage hoop *Added* and be securely mounted.
Mufflers must be fitted and the noise level must not exceed 95 decibels or track requirements.
The exhaust must be fitted underneath the vehicle, and securely attached in minimum two places, mounts to be a minimum 4mm chain.
Headers are permitted only if factory fitted on standard base model.
Extractors only permitted on 4 and 6 cylinder vehicles.
ONLY pump fuel commercially available to the general public at a service station must be used.
No additives permitted.
An effective lever type fuel tap or SAE R6 combination type lever tap/filter must be fitted within reach of the driver whilst belted in the car and accessible to crash crew and must be clearly marked ON/OFF and fuel type. Return fuel line if used must have one way valve fitted near tank.
Fuel lines and electrical wiring must be separated and both to be suitably grommeted where required.
Original tank to be removed.
Fuel tank may be fabricated, all metal tanks to be constructed of minimum 1.0mm steel or 3.0mm aluminium alloy, maximum capacity 30 litres. No Jerry Cans permitted *Added* Boat fuel tank permitted but must comply with above measurements. Competition type ‘plastic’ tank permitted. Metal fuel filler rings on plastic fuel cells must be fitted with earth strap to barwork or body. Fuel tank to be mounted centrally between wheel arches in a steel cradle attached to bar work. Fuel tank to be mounted with rear of tank no further back than rear of wheel arches. Fuel tank to be secured in a steel cradle attached to rear fuel protection bar work (not body). Fuel tank straps to be steel minimum 25mm x 3mm flat or 5mm steel chain, no aluminum straps or fittings to secure tank permitted. All electric fuel pump must be fitted with engine monitoring relay to stop fuel pump running when engine stops *Deleted* All electric fuel pumps and fuel filters to be inside bar work.
Fuel tank must not protrude through floor.
Fuel tank to be isolated from driver by a metal firewall.
Mounting brackets not to be welded to fuel tank.
Fuel tank must have positive seal cap. (Not a taper)
Fuel tank area must be accessible for scrutineering.
Parcel shelf modification permitted if required.
Tank must have a non-spill one way valve breather finishing through the floor away from the exhaust system.
Pick up and breather pipes to enter top of the tank only, all fuel lines must be fastened to fuel tank (i.e. no push on/in fittings)
Commercially available competition type plastic or metal fuel cells/tanks may use factory fitted side outlets. *Added*
Fuel pipe from tank to engine, is to have flexible section close to the tank and engine, to be securely fastened. Screw type clamps with barb fittings or SAE R6 type fittings to be used throughout fuel system. Maximum two fuel system connection to tap only in cabin area. Commercial R6 bulk head fittings allowed at firewalls.
Neoprene fuel line may be used or the original system.
Type of fuel being used must be marked at kill switch, fuel tap and on boot lid near filler cap.

Fuel tank capacities are measured by the volume being .030 of a cubic meter maximum (eg. Rectangular tanks 480mm (4.8) x 250mm (2.5) x 250mm (2.5) = 30 litres, cylindrical tank 611mm long x 250mm diameter = 30 litres).
Radial tyres ONLY, permitted with SPEED RATING of V or less.
Tyres may be regrooved up to 4mm depth *Deleted* using a maximum10mm wide cut with any pattern.
Maximum casing size to be 225.
Maximum tread depth 4mm. *Deleted*
Minimum tyre section to be 60 series as stated and clearly visible on the tyre side wall, (i.e.225/60 H R16 or 225/75 H R14).
No performance tyres permitted.
Maximum rim width 7 inch, 178mm. All wheels must be of steel or “mag” construction and must meet A.S.A. standards for use on street registered cars under registration by Vic Roads.
“Mag” wheels must be of one-piece construction.
Rims edges to be free of jagged edges.
Rim diameter – a tolerance of one inch (1″) from the standard rim diameter is permitted, maximum rim diameter permitted remains 16 inches.
Rim diameter must be the same across the front or rear axle line.
Track to be standard plus 50mm for vehicle being used. This is the maximum allowable measurement. Measured from centre of tyre to centre of tyre at axle height.
Vehicles using 4 stud pattern can be converted to 5 stud pattern using professional methods.
Any competitor may have their motors inspected at any time, engine inspection to be in accordance with Technical Committee direction. Only VSC Inc. registered seals to be recognised.
All engines to have provision for sealing of engine at race meeting *Deleted* VSC issued BLUE TWIST seals fitted before racing at any race meeting. The following parts to be sealed. *Added* Sump and heads to block, inlet manifold and rocker covers to heads, V8 exhaust manifolds to head. ie: If head can`t be removed with rocker cover in place this can be the head seal. Sealing wire to pass through two accessible adjacent bolt heads or studs or bolt head and adjacent casting, not brackets. Where practical wire can pass through rocker cover bolt and inlet and/or exhaust manifold bolts. Indicator wire should be installed through sealing points to identify their positions. *Deleted*

Model Wheelbase (mm) Front (mm) Rear (mm)
LJ Torana 2540 1371 1345
LH/LX Torana 2591 1447 1422
UC Torana 2591 1465 1432
VB-VK Commodore 2668 1500 1470
VL Commodore 2668 1500 1483
VN Commodore 2731 1505 1530
VP Commodore 2731 1501 1528
VR-VS Commodore 2731 1541 1541
VT/VZ Commodore 2788 1620 1640
VE Commodore 2915 1652 1668
TX Gemini 2404 1350 1360


Model Wheelbase (mm) Front (mm) Rear (mm)
TD Cortina 2581 1472 1472
TE Cortina 2578 1476 1476
TF Cortina 2580 1470 1470
XD Falcon 2807 1610 1576
XE Falcon 2794 1602 1587
XF Falcon 2829 1597 1575
EA Falcon 2794 1596 1583
EB-EF Falcon 2794 1604 1583
EL Falcon 2791 1616 1597
AU Falcon 2793 1616 1597
BA/BF Falcon 2829 1603 1621
FG Falcon 2838 1633 1648
Escort 2400 1310 1330
MKII Escort 2407 1320 1346


Model Wheelbase (mm) Front (mm) Rear (mm)
VH/VJ Charger 2667 1531 1542
KB/KC Centura 2667 1470 1460
VH/CL Valiant 2819 1531 1542
VK/CL Charger 2667 1544 1554
RB/RC Colt *Deleted* 2380 1420 1390
GE/GH Sigma 2515 1420 1400
GJ/GN Sigma 2530 1430 1400


Model Wheelbase (mm) Front (mm) Rear (mm)
Corona 2500 1425 1400
Celica 82 onwards *Deleted* 2500 1425 1400
Celica TA22 *Deleted* 2425 1330 1335


Model Wheelbase (mm) Front (mm) Rear (mm)
Datsun 200B 2500 1395 1395
Nissan 300ZX *Deleted* 2570 1545 1585
Datsun 240K *Deleted* 2610 1410 1390


Model Wheelbase (mm) Front (mm) Rear (mm)
Mazda 323-80 *Deleted* 2315 1345 1360


Model Wheelbase (mm) Front (mm) Rear (mm)
Honda Breeze *Deleted* 2570 1525 1515
Honda CX *Deleted* 2620 1525 1525
Honda DX *Deleted* 2500 1500 1505
Honda GL *Deleted* 2380 1450 1465
Honda GLI *Deleted* 2570 1525 1515
Honda SI *Deleted* 2620 1525 1515
Honda Grand Prix *Deleted* 2380 1500 1505

V8 engines may use a standard model number 4150 or 4160 (not HP etc) Classic or Avenger series vacuum secondary Holley 4 barrel carburettor up to a maximum 750cfm. See section 4: motor guide lines. *Added*
HOLDEN /CHEV V8 253/ 4.2, 308/5LT, 350.
CLEVELAND V8 302, 351.

Letter to Stanard Saloons re car track allowance - 26 March 2017

26 March 2017

Standard Saloon Track Allowance

Standard Saloon Registered Owners
Dear Registered Owner,
This letter is being sent to Standard Saloon Owners asking that you check the track measurements on your cars.
There has been a generous 50mm maximum allowance and it has been found that cars are presenting for scrutineering outside of the specifications including the allowance.
Please be aware if you go above the specification with the allowance you will be excluded from the race event and penalties will be enforced.
Yours sincerely
Lynne Jenkins

Tech Meeting Minutes - 12 March 2017
Tech Meeting Minutes – 12 March 2017

Date: 12 March 2017
Time: The Chairman Phil Jenkins declared the meeting opened at 10.15 am
Place: Rubicon Hotel
Address: 1362 Taggerty-Thornton Road, Thornton
ATTENDANCE: Phil Jenkins, Allan Barnes, Trevor Kuhne, Max Jones, Brendan Eames
APOLOGIES: Don Golding, Colin Campton, Frank Frost
OBSERVERS: Lynne Jones
MINUTES OF PREVIOUS TECHNICAL MEETING: Minutes of previous meeting 27/11/16 were read by Lynne Jenkins.
Allan Barnes: To send copies of GOS and Ltd Sportsman books.
Phil Jenkins: Letter to VSC – where are they situated regarding the sunscreen and hats for Scrutineers.
MOVED: Allan Barnes
SECONDED: Trevor Kuhn
I:023 – VSC Minutes 4/11/16
I:024 – Letter VSC sent to Accident Fund re VSC Officials coverage. Letter to be sent to VSC to seek whether there has been a response.
I:025 – Email from Rob Lambert – Eco Tech manifold order. Rob Lambert now has manifold.
I:026 – VSC Minutes 2/12/16
I:027 – SFI conformance labels for driver restraint systems. To be dealt with at next Tech Meeting.
I:028 – Email from Richard Baker re Divi 2 car build. Responded to O:020
I:029 – Letter from Mat McDermott to present at Std Saloon book meeting to leave book as is. Sent to Std Saloon book meeting.
I:030 – Letter from Debbie Jones to present at the Std Saloon book meeting re replica fibreglass panels over existing front guard. Sent to Std Saloon book meeting.
I:031 – Minutes from Std Saloon book meeting. Deal with in General Business.
I:032 – VSC Minutes 3/3/17
I:033 – Letter from VSC re Mark and Brendon Miles Barra engine in BA-FG Ford. Currently under discussion.
I:034 – Letter from VSC to all clubs – mention that some scrutineers are not giving drivers their daylight sheet to enable registration of car. Scrutineers to ensure daylight sheet is given to car owner for registration.
I:035 – Email from Don Golding – Title Report, apology for not being able to attend Tech Meeting and requesting that a copy of the VSC minutes be sent to Tech Reps. Tech Secretary to send minutes when received to Tech Committee.
O:012 – Letter to Mark Miles thanking him for his emails and photo’s re adaptor plate EA-EB. Too far outside current specs to approve.
O:013 – Letter to VSC – no longer Zones = no longer chain of contact. Can the VSC address this and inform of the new process and alter Policy accordingly.
O:014 – Letter to VSC informing of the change of computer sealer for the Divi 2 class and to add to the VSC website.
O:015 – Letter to VSC following up about sunscreen and hats for scrutineers as per VSC Minutes 3 June 2016.
O:016 – Letter to VSC re Super Rod aluminium axles being modified – amendment to be ratified by VSC and added to Super Rod book on VSC website.
O:017 – Form for scrutineers and businesses requesting to be engine sealers.
O:018 – Letter to VSC – Anne Gooding request for specification books.
O:019 – Letter to VSC – Don Golding requesting blue interim engine seals.
O:020 – Email to Richard Baker – Re Divi 2 body build. – referred Richard to take to next book meeting.
O:021 – Notice – Standard Saloon book meeting
O:022 – Notice amendment to all Sedan classes re fuel cells with side outlets.
O:023 – Letter to Travis Evans re Std Saloon barwork.
O:024 – Note and cheque to Allan Barnes from VSC.
O:025 – Letter to Super Rod owners re only aluminium axles purpose built to go Super Rod direction to be used. Sent to owners once the change was made to the book on the VSC website.
O:026 – Email to Tech Committee re new letterhead and book layout and informing of Tech Meeting 12 Mar 17.
O:027 – Tech minutes and letters to scrutineers.
MOVED:Allan Barnes – that all correspondence be accepted.
Standard Saloon specification changes as follows:
Trevor Kuhne Chairperson opened specification meeting.
SAFETY: All safety items to be updated as per VSC and Technical Committee Minutes.
Letter from Mat McDermott
MOTION: To leave the Standard Saloon class as it is as the class has parody at the moment.
Discussion held on the motion.
MOVED: Mat McDermott
SECONDED: Rod Meakins
Letter from Debbie Jones
MOTION: To allow fibreglass replacement guards over the top of original guards.
Discussion held on fibreglass replacement guards over the top of original guards.
MOVED: Debbie Jones
SECONDED: Brett Clark
Mark Miles Presentation about running a EA type manifold onto a BA engine.
Using EA Centrepoint manifold. AU ignition system. J3 chip can be used to override unnecessary computer items. Manifold alterations – Only drilling mounting holes to allow the manifold to fit the BA engine. No internal modifications to the Standard EA Centrpoint manifold. Manifold was passed around for drivers to look at.
MOTION: That the BA engine with the EA Manifold not be accepted.
Discussion held on the motion.
MOVED: Col Yeomans
SECONDED: Rod Meakins
Discussion held on allowing AU engines to go into BA and BF. Sump modifications are required. There are people that make modified sumps to allow early engines into later cars. (eg SRE Engines, Goodguys Performance).
Question: If AU sumps are permitted to be altered, will it be permitted on other models?
MOTION: To open sumps on early model engines to suit/adapt to late model cars. (Technical Committee to approve sump modifications and to what cars it can be done).
Discussion held on the motion.
MOVED: Scott Whittle
SECONDED: Daniel Stewart
APPROVED BY TECH WITH THE FOLLOWING: Minimal external modification to allow clearance for oil pick up and oil pump only. Oil capacity to remain the same.
MOTION: To delete 4mm tread depth from tyre section.
Discussion held.
MOVED: Brad Hill
SECONDED: Bob Whittle
MOTION: To leave diffs as they are.
Discussion held.
MOVED: Mat McDermott
SECONDED: Rod Meakins

Diff check definition. Discussion held
MOTION: That V8’s may use a Holley vacuum secondary 4 barrel carburettor up to a maximum 750CFM. Carburettor to be in standard condition.
Discussion held.
MOVED: Scott Whittle
SECONDED: Russell Hill
Allan Barnes to check all available permissable Holley’s in series. TBA
MOTION: To adopt set back roll cage. Max 50mm at top 200mm at bottom.
Discussion held.
MOVED: Daniel Stewart
SECONDED: Scott Whittle
MOTION: To allow extractors on all engines.
Discussion held.
MOVED: Brett Clark
SECONDED: Scott Whittle
MOTION: To allow early model 350 cast engines in VX onwards. Allow earlymodel cleveland engines into EA onwards. With no modification, exceptionsumps as per previous motion.
Discussion held.
MOVED: Daniel Stewart
SECONDED: Cory Horter
VSC and Tech to decide
To be discussed at next Tech Meeting
Wheel nuts do not have to be drilled.
Not required to be drilled on Standard Saloons as the class does not use spacers.
VE Commodore can run……..engine if you can get carby to run on it. If it is in the book and can run a carby it can run.
MOTION: To cap V8’s to current specifications.
Ford – 6 cyl single overhead cam 4 litre in cars from EA – FG.
Commodore – Ecotec in cars up to VF.
Twin overhead Cam Ford and Alloytech GM not permitted.

MOVED: Trevor Kuhne
SECONDED:Brendan Eames
Power steering coolers maximum 250 x 175 permitted. Must be forward of firewall. No wider than mudguard skirts.
Can not remove any mounting points etc inside cabin (e.g. old seat belt mounts).
Redundant brackets ie: console, seat brackets may be removed.
Carby’s to be visually standard. Must be OEM. Only choke may be removed and butterfly shaft.
Carby’s will be as book. Australian delivery only.
Half windscreen mesh was raised and explained that a full screen is required as the class races in both directions. It protects the driver if you are running either way.
Trevor Kuhne: requested that prior to book going to Allan that it be sent to him and the Std Saloon Reps to check.
Specifications current until 30 June 2021.
Standard Saloon specifications finish.
Max Jones: There still seems to be some confusion with tracks regarding open sedan races and unlimited races. Believe this is a VSC issue.
Allan Barnes: Will get books to Tech Secretary to have put on VSC site.
Will check Holleys for Std Saloons.
Brendan Eames: NIL
Phil Jenkins: Letter to be sent to all Std Saloon owners to check their track on cars. They already have a generous allowance of 50mm maximum allowance and cars are still turning up outside the specs. If a car is presented outside the allowable track measurement as per specifications the car and driver will be excluded from the event and penalties will be enforced.
Meeting Closed by the Chairman at 12.10 pm

NOTICE to all VSC Super Rod Drivers!! - 22 February 2017
NOTICE to all VSC Super Rod Drivers!! – 22 February 2017

Re: Aluminium Axles – Super Rods
A discussion was held with John Verhoeven regarding aluminium axles being modified in the Super Rod class – at the time of the specifications being approved the Technical Committee was informed that the rule change was to be implemented for new aluminium axles that were being imported.
Notice to Super Rod owners and alteration to book as follows:
Section 7, paragraph a.

a. Quick-change rearend optional in Super Rods and must use a steel axle tube with a nominal 75mm dia or aluminium axle of maximum 2.00 inch bore. Aluminium axles must use aluminium wheels. Axle nuts must be threaded so they tighten under use IE: Right hand side axle nut has left hand thread and left hand side axle nut has right hand thread.
Only aluminium axles purpose built to go Super Rod direction to be used.
Yours sincerely
Lynne Jenkins

NOTICE - Standard Saloon Specification Book Meeting

We will be having a meeting regarding the Standard Saloon Specification Book.
Date: 19 February 2017
Where: Redline Raceway, Yankee Flat Road, Mount Buninyong
Time: 10:30 am
Please note this meeting is for registered owners. Your logbook is required to be eligible for voting.
Bring a chair along as there are not many available.
*There will be no alcohol consumption during the meeting.*

NOTICE - Side Fuel Outlets - VSC Sedan Classes!!

Amendment to previous notice dated 31 Jan 2016
VSC Sedans may use metal or commercially available plastic fuel tanks/cells with side outlets

Class Representatives for the 2016/2017 Season

After the recent Technical Committee meeting, the Technical Committee have elected class reps.
Class reps for the 16/17 season are as follows:

VSC Standard Saloons Trevor Kuhne Don Golding – Anne Gooding – Rod Meakins – Norm Fisher
VSC Unlimited Sedans Colin Campton Philip McNeil
VSC Division 2 Hot Rods Robert Tatterson TBA
VSC Sports Sedans Max Jones Colin Campton – Peter Robl – John Patton
Goulburn Ovens Sedans David Walton Ross Maclean – Mick Bunt
VSC V8 Thunder Sedans Dave Patton Greg Raggett – Anthony Wilson
VSC Limited Sportsman Don Golding Darren Adams – Peter Worthy
VSC Mini Sprints Brad Lowe Andrew Lowe
SDAV Hot Rods Phil Jenkins Darryl Whitlow – Andrew Wallace
VSC Super Rods John Verhoeven Shane Coates
VSC Formula 500 Allan Barnes Frank Frost
VSC Sprintcars Phil Jenkins TBA
VSC V8 Super Modified Allan Barnes Frank Frost – David Walton
NOTICE to VSC Standard Saloon Drivers!! - 25 August 2016

To all VSC Scrutineers and VSC Standard Saloon Owners.
It has been brought to the VSC Technical Committee attention that the 2014 – 2017 VSC Standard Saloon Specification Manual contains the following sentence:
“All electric fuel pumps must be fitted with engine monitoring relay to stop fuel pump running when engine stops.”
The sentence has been added to section 17. FUEL/FUEL TANK in error.
At this time this specification has not been ratified for VSC Standard Saloons and is not to be enforced.
Yours sincerely
Lynne Jenkins
Technical Committee Secretary

VSC Scrutineers School Items - 7 August 2016

Short Roll Cage for VSC GOS, Sports Sedans and Unlimited Sedans
c) Main roll cage hoop to be within 50mm of sides of roof at narrowest point. Top windscreen bar to be within 50mm of windscreen at front roll cage leg on side elevation.
Front roll cage leg is to be withing 50mm of windscreen opening on side elevation and follow the “A” pillar line at and andgle of no more the 45 degrees downwards from the horizontal. The front leg will be no more than 300mm behind the original door pillar at original top door line or 75mm in on the front elevation at original top door line. Roll cage legs to be welded to top of subframe within 50mm of door pillars on front elevation
“45 degrees downwards from the horizontal” is as vertical as the windscreen section of the front rollcage leg can be, even if the leg is not 300mm back from original door pillar.
Foot Protection must be used as per diagram 1, minimum tube size 32mm x 3mm CHS within minimum height of 300mm and brought forward as far as practicable and must cover all pedals when pedals are full depressed, Must be filled with 3mm plate. A mandatory foot protection brace bar of a minimum 25mm x 3mm CHS fitted between the front top half of the foot protection bar and bar work to the left on the drivers side (preferably the dash bar) and between the front top half of the foot protection bar and bash bar at approximately 45 degrees on the passenger side if passenger seat fitted.
Foot protection for roll cages with front leg more tha 75mm behind original door pillar, maximum 450mm measurement from roll cage leg to forward section of foot protection bar and must be filled with 3mm plate.
If fully depressed pedals do not protrude past roll cage leg. Foot protection bar is not compulsory.
Reason: There are many race cars with this style of rollcages in other divisions of speedway, which may find their way into VSC GOS, Sports Sedans and Unlimited Sedans classes.
No Jerry Cans in VSC Classes Effective 1 August 2016
VSC GOS and Unlimited Sedans, 10mm of wheel stud to be through end of wheel nut if wheel spacer or wheel adaptor used. Effective 1 August 2016
Reason: to make sure full thread of wheel nut is engaged to stop wheels coming out.

Seals -

VSC has blue twist seals similar to SSA/VSCF seals. These will be used as an identifier seal only. They do not indicate the engine or part has been inspected and sealed.
At this point in time the brass VSC is used to identify engines that have been inspected and sealed as complying with class specifications.
The blue twist seal can be fitted to an engine or part at any time without a seal sheet.
They can be left in place for any length of time or removed when necessary, as long as the engine or part is not needed for a technical inspection. (i.e. seal sheet filled in as per policy and procedure)
If the engine or parts need to be inspected at a later date the seal numbers and all information required on the appropriate VSC engine seal form at that time.
At this point in time it is not compulsory to have the twist seal fitted to be able to race.
It may later be compulsory for some or all classes to have the twist seal fitted to be able to race.

Scrutineer Technical School - Minutes - 7 August 2016

Date: 7 August 2016
Time: Chairman Trevor Kuhne opened the Technical School at 10:15am
Place: School of Mines, Ballarat
Attendance: As per attendance sheets
Chairman Trevor Kuhne introduced himself and Technical Secretary Lynne Jenkins. Trevor then asked that Allan Barnes run through the changes (attached) for the upcoming race season.
Allan Barnes: Hopeful that the new VSC website has a technical section for all specification books to be accessed as well as a section to put any changes for Scrutineers and drivers to be able to access so that everyone can be informed.
Dave Walton: Asked about the measurement on windscreen. Allan Barnes informed Dave it is 50mm.
Bar must be steel. Left to right bar not required if fully depressed pedals do not protrude past roll cage leg.
Rod Meakins: Asked if Alexandra could have an exemption for the use of jerry cans for the upcoming season as drivers of the 100 lapper may not conform until notified.
Lynne Jones: Advised that no jerry cans are permitted in the 100 lapper book.
Ensure thread of wheel nut is fully engaged to stop wheels coming off.
Dave Walton: As per attached sheet – this could encourage some people to use the wrong wheel nuts.
Allan Barnes: There still needs to have 10mm of stud through the end of wheel nut.
Blue seals to be sent to Club Chief Scrutineers
Allan Barnes to check book re – manifold – bolt on adaptor only
Ann Gooding: Holes in firewall that cannot be covered.
Allan Barnes: They are required to minimise as much as possible.
Safety items updated.
Juniors age altered and waiting on outcome of VSC age response.
Rod Meakins and Robyn Johnson: Why are front wheel drive not in the specification book.
Max Jones: The drivers did not bring it up at their last book meeting.
Allan Barnes and Trevor Kuhne: Drivers to decide at book meetings – questionaire to go out to Sport Sedan registered owners re changes to book.
Alter book and send out to Std Saloon registered owners a correction re EFI.
Tech Minutes to go to all scrutineers – emailed to all that have email addresses and posted to scrutineers that do not have an email address.
Class Reps for individual classes – an expression of interest has been sent to all scrutineers to send their expression of interest to be a class rep. Each class to have 3 reps under 30 cars and 5 reps over 50 cars as discussed. It is important to have scrutineers involved and also at titles.
Titles Send out an expression of interest to scrutineers to submit their interest at being a title rep.
Email Scrutineers the difference re Open Meeting and an Unlimited Meeting – an open meeting is sedan classes running together in the same meeting but car must be compliant as per class it is registered as.
An Unlimited Meeting is for VSC Unlimited class only.
Rod Meakins: A Std Saloon was presented with 10mm tyres and it was sent away to change. Rod believes the scrutineer should have the Steward issue a penalty as the car has been deliberately presented illegal.
Trevor Kuhne: Some clubs put scrutineers under the pump to get cars on the track.
Rod Meakins: The Scrutineer should not allow illegal cars to get through.
Trevor Kuhne: All Scrutineers are to deal with appropriately on the day.
Dave Walton: GOSA cage – EL there is an issue re back spreader bar – centre hoop.
Trevor Kuhne: It is illustrated at approx 50mm – but will be looked at.
Allan Barnes and Trevor Kuhne to look into it and get back to Dave Walton.
Don HGolding: Logbooks – last year the logbooks did not have numbers is this going to be the same this year?
Lynne Jenkins to follow up with Clinton Purdie.
Closed: Trevor Kuhne closed the Tech School meeting at 11:35am.