vsc classes

Goulburn Oven Sedans

Current Vic1 – Liam Powell

VSC Sports Sedans

Current Vic1 – Damian Miller

VSC Unlimited Sedans

Current Vic1 – Warrick Taylor

VSC Formula 500

VSC Standard Saloons – Ladies

Current Vic1 – Trish Dike

SDAV Hot Rods

Current Vic1 – Michael Coad

VSC Limited Sportsman

Current Vic1 – Dillon Siley

VSC Sprintcars

Current Vic1 – Adam Greenwood

VSC V8 Super Modifieds

VSC Standard Saloons

Current Vic1 – Nick Chrystie

VSC Division 2 Hot Rods

Current Vic1 – Scott Laidlaw

VSC Mini Sprints

Current Vic 1 – Peter Styles

VSC Super Rods

Current Vic1 – Andrew Howard

VSC Thunder Sedans

VSC Standard Saloons – Juniors

Current Vic1 – Ricky Cornwell

Specification manuals for all the above classes can be found on our downloads page.